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Silence Still Equals Death

We tend to become emotionally involved when something is personal. The loss of friends and loved ones to HIV/AIDS over t ... read more

He Left a Playbook to Deal With This

While the context was specific to achieving racial equality and not pandemic preparation, another high-profile individua ... read more

Global Racial Bias, Black History and Change

On the eve of what is the most important presidential election of my lifetime, I am especially concerned and troubled ab ... read more

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Jenneric doesn't work like a traditional ad agency.

We work with you…

To create concise and effective multicultural marketing solutions We help identify and leverage relevant consumer motivators in order to make your strategy work more efficiently.

It’s an approach that enhances and strengthens your reach by providing consumer insights, real-world assessments and practical guidance.


Multicultural Consumers represent a unique demographic in that they include people of all races, genders, sexual orientation, incomes and ages – all with different buying habits.


Eric Roberts founded Jenneric and has more than twenty-five years of Muticultural Marketing expertise.

“I created Jenneric as a resource specializing in communication that inspires and motivates underserved consumers.”


We look forward to having a conversation with you about how we can help elevate meaningful relationships with the African-American, Latino and LGBT communities.

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